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Dual Lock Adhesive

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Dual-Lock Adhesive is an adhesive backed material that will allow for easy removal and reattachment of your window grille.

Dual-Lock attaches the grille directly to the glass so no mechanical fasteners are necessary. Dual-Lock is designed to separate from itself allowing you to remove the grille for easy cleaning and then be re-attached as often as you wash your windows.

The smallest quantity (6" Strip) will allow you to attach a single 6 light grille to the glass. You will need to cut the strip into pieces to the same width of your grille bar profile. Apply one cut piece (on the glass side of the grille) to both ends of each bar.

Dual-Lock has approximately 705 stems per square inch and is clear to reduce visibility of the fastener from the outside.

This fastener is shipped with a wax paper backing applied to preserve the adhesive.

Surfaces must be throughly clean prior to application. Click HERE for surface preparation instructions.